in #CASE you missed it… Study: Life Becomes Less Fun At 45

in #CASE you missed it… Study: Life Becomes Less Fun At 45

While we’d all like to think life can be fun at any age, a new survey reveals when all that fun is likely to start dwindling, and it’s probably earlier than you think.

A new survey out of the UK, which could easily translate here, finds:

More than half of adults believe that as you get older it’s harder to find amusement in every day life.

The average age at which people believe life is “least fun” is 45.

40% of people believe the “concept of fun” ended when they became adults.

40% of people actively seek out enjoyable experiences each day.

But 10% don’t do anything fun in a typical week.

Reasons they aren’t having fun include lack of money, lack of energy, and they just don’t know how to have fun.

It’s pretty obvious that lots of people are missing having fun in their lives, with 60% saying they would love to restore their childhood spark. Interestingly kids seem to help bring more fun into people’s lives, with 83% saying they have more fun with kids than they do with adults.

What things do you do that you consider fun?

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