in #CASE you missed it… Most Americans Have Cried Over Money

in #CASE you missed it… Most Americans Have Cried Over Money

A new poll finds 70% of Americans say they’ve cried over their finances

Plenty of Americans worry about money each and every day, but have things ever gotten so bad it drove you to tears? Well, apparently that’s not an uncommon occurrence.

57% have shed tears over money sometime this year, mostly because they were upset.

40% say they agree with the statement “nothing makes me cry more than money.”

Almost 48% of Millennials between 23 and 38, and Generation Z between 18 and 22, have cried over money at least once in the past month.

As for the main reasons folks are crying over money, the survey finds:

31% say overall debt has brought them to tears.

20% say it’s credit card debt.

15% have cried over a lost job.

14% say rent or mortgage issues brought out the waterworks.

14% cried while drafting or attempting to stick to a budget.

But not all those waterworks are for negative reasons. For example...

While three-fourths of Americans have cried over negative money issues, 29% of people say their financial tears were because they were happy.

13% say it was due to a financial windfall

12% broke out in tears because they were moved by a gift.

Men are twice as likely as women to cry over a positive event related to their finances.

People with larger incomes are also more likely to cry over positive financial news.

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