Couple Shares Secret To Happy Marriage On 73rd Anniversary

A couple just celebrated their 73rd anniversary in a way they never expected - with a parade of loved ones during a global pandemic.Joe and Yolanda Tenaglio married on May 3rd, 1947 and in honor of their milestone, a line of cars filled with friends and family drove through their retirement community in Naples, Florida, to cheer for them.

The couple has been isolated together at home, but they’ve had lots of visits from neighbors to keep them company. Joe says the visitors come with their own chairs and sit six feet apart outside the first floor apartment and stay until it gets too hot, then they go and the next ones come over. Some have even played instruments and performed dance skits to entertain the Tenaglios.

Yolanda says they’re just happy to be alive and together and that they have a lot to be thankful for. She says the key to their long, happy marriage is communication, adding, "And say, I love you, every night. That's it.” And Joe credits his seven decades of wedded bliss to what he calls “the two famous words”: Yes, dear.

Source:Good Morning America

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