Americans Taking Less Summer Vacation This Year

During a normal summer, now that Memorial Day is over, the office would start looking a bit empty with so many people taking vacations. But that probably won’t happen this year. Besides the fact that few people are in the office, it sounds like not that many people will be taking vacations.

A new survey finds:

  • Because of COVID-19, 28% of workers are expecting to take less vacation days this summer than last year.
  • Only 16% plan to take more time off.
  • 20% plan to take off days for self-care and mental health.
  • As for why they aren't taking as much vacation, 37% want to save their vacation in the hopes they’ll be able to travel later in the year.
  • 14% simply say they have too much work.
  • 22% want to take a vacation but need to save their money due to the crisis.

But while workers have mixed feelings about taking summer vacation, how do bosses feel?

  • Well, 25% of workers say their employer has been encouraging them to take time off.
  • 9% say they bosses have actually discouraged the taking of days off.
  • 66% have had no feedback from their higher ups at all. 

Source:Robert Half

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