in #CASE you missed it… How Parents Are Coping With Quarantine

in #CASE you missed it… How Parents Are Coping With Quarantine

There’s no doubt that the coronavirus quarantine has been stressful for parents, but it seems the level of stress, and how they handled it, was different for some moms and dads.

A new survey finds:

Overall, 70% of parents say they’ve experienced more stress every day since lockdown began.

The biggest reasons for that stress include:

Helping their child with school (49%)

Maintaining a routine while the family is all at home (48%)

Keeping their kids occupied while parents are working from home (31%)

Interestingly, 25% of men say they experienced less stress during lockdown, while 38% of women say they experienced a lot more stress during quarantine.

The most common way parents managed their stress during lockdown was by turning on the TV. (73%)

52% of women say spending time outdoors helped them manage their stress, as compared to 32% of men.

33% of men turned to alcohol to manage their stress, something 22% of women also did.

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