in #CASE you missed it… The Good And The Bad About WFH

in #CASE you missed it… The Good And The Bad About WFH

By now a lot of Americans are used to working from home after more than four months in quarantine, and it seems people have a lot of positive and negative things to say about the experience.

A new survey finds:

37% of Americans say they have been more productive working from home, while a similar amount say their productivity is about the same as it would be outside the home.

83% say they are working the same or more hours at home as compared to the office.

37% admit they are working longer hours, with 17% working as much as 10 extra hours a week.

All these extra hours are making it hard for some to find a good work/life balance.

65% say they are maintaining regular working hours, while 50% are able to take breaks from work.

But another 60% say working from home is difficult due to distractions from family, housemates and pets.

Only 43% say they have successfully maintained a separation between work and family activities.

As for some other negative side effects of working from home:

40% of those working from home say they have experienced new or increase pain in their shoulders, back or wrists.

92% are snacking as much or more, while 42% are snacking more.

Only 5% are eating less while working from home, with 36% eating more.

26% say they are drinking more alcohol, while only 23% are drinking less.

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