Seattle Skydiver Dies During Stunt In Parachuting Accident

A recent parachuting accident in Washington left a Seattle man dead, according to KMAS.

A Facebook group called Kapowsin Skydivers said the man who died was 27-year-old Shaznee Riyal of Seattle. According to the Mason County Sheriff's Office, Riyal was jumping with Kapowsin Air Sports with a parachute in Shelton on April 11.

Chief Deputy Ryan Spurling said the skydiver performed a stunt too close to the ground, causing his body to slam "into the earth with great force." Officials said the impact killed Riyal.

The Federal Avian Administration is investigating the incident.

Riyal's family in Sri Lanka started a GoFundMe to support his family. The page said he was the "sole breadwinner" of his family, and this fatal jump was his 80th. As of Tuesday, April 20, the initiative has raised over $47,000.

Here's part of what was written about Riyal on the GoFundMe page:

Shaznee was known for three things: his sense of adventure, his ultra positivity, and his ability to make anyone, even a stranger, feel like a long-lost friend, in the same loving way he spoke my name after not seeing me for six months.
He was a mountain biker, a hiker, a skydiver, a brilliant developer, a goofy friend, and a wonderful brother and son.

Photo: Getty Images

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