Great Moments In NFL Tailgate History

It's been a long standing tradition for years that people get together outside the stadium in parking lots and have a pre-game celebration.

Over the years these events have grown and they have taken on a life of their own and sometimes as fun if not more so than the game itself.

With that being said let's take a look at some of the "Greatest Moments in Tailgate History"

Number 5: Rodney's BBQ Brisket. Eagles vs. Giants ( 2015 )

Men having barbeque at tailgate party  in stadium parking lot

Photo: Stone RF

It was a nice October afternoon in the city of Brotherly Love when Rodney rolled up to the stadium with a BBQ / Smoker from Weber. One look and you could tell he was seriously "game day ready"

Rodney threw some beef brisket on the grill he had been marinating for days and in no time what was cooking turned out to be legendary.

As his buddy Travis would later say "This BBQ is tastier than any Cheesestake from Gino's"

Number 4: Shelly's Jell-o Shooters. Seahawks vs Lions NFC Wildcard (2017)

Friends taking self photograph at tailgate party

Photo: Digital Vision

On what started off as a cold January morning in the Puget Sound, Seahawk fans descended on what was then known as Century Link Field for a NFC Wildcard Playoff Game.

Shelly and her husband Dan from Olympia had spent the prior Blue Friday preparing 1200 Blue and Green Jell-O shots with Heritage Distilling's Batch 12 Vodka.

Needless to say just like the Lions got wiped out so did Shelly and Dan along with several other 12's as the Seahawks cruised to victory that day.

Number 3: Steve's Ex-Wife's Sofa. Patriots vs. Bills ( 2016 )

Men sitting on lounge chairs on back of pick-up truck

Photo: Stone RF

In what's come to be known in some legal circles as the "Sofa-gate" case what started out as one man's prank on his ex turned into tailgate folklore.

Steve a die hard Patriots fan was getting divorced from Patty his ex of 20 years. Steve was supposed to deliver the last of her items from the divorce one of them being the couples old sofa they bought together from Jordan's during the 2005 season.

They both felt that it was "their lucky Super Bowl Sofa".

Steve decided to take the lucky sofa to the home game vs the Bills with his buddy Carlton and what has now become a great moment in Tailgate history.

Number 2: Dave Brings Extra Ice. Cowboys vs. Giants ( 2013 )

Man holding drinks at tailgate party, friends in background

Photo: Digital Vision

A Sunday afternoon in the NFC East with a classic rivalry was made even better when Dave from Long Island showed up with extra bags of ice for the pre-game party.

With 1 keg and two cases of Bud Light, a 5th of Johnny Walker Blue, half gallon of Titos and 2 six packs of Mike's Hard Lemonade Dave was the MVP of the tailgate party.

He was able to ice down the beverages like an athletic trainer does a D lineman after practice.

Number 1: Smitty's Here! Lions vs. Bears ( 2017 )

Man with painted face holding beer keg

Photo: Stone RF

A fine afternoon outside Ford Field as the Lion faithful gathered for a pre game party. Several new season ticket holders who had never been properly initiated into the culture were not prepared for the afternoon.

Soon they found themselves in a dire situation. They were OUT OF BEER! In desperate need of some suds and far from any convince store the rookie season ticket holders screamed out for help. "HELP - OUT OF BEER!!!!"

That's when Doug "Smitty" Smith a long time Lion's fan and one time assistant wateboy to the practice squad ( 2002 season ) arrives with a keg of Coors Light to save the day and "keep this party train rolling"

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