These Foods May Be Killing You

Eating such foods as hot dogs, pre-prepared pizza and sugar-sweetened beverages -- in short, traditional stadium food fare -- can result in premature death, a new study reveals.

The revelation is part of a study that appears in Monday's edition of The American Journal of Preventive Medicine. In examining the deaths of Brazil residents between the ages of 30 and 69 in 2019, researchers found that 57,000 of them were due to high consumptions of highly processed foods, the study reveals. That's a full 10 percent of the country's premature deaths.

A food is considered "highly processed" when it contains added sugar, salt, oil or and other additives -- in other words, pretty much everything that's sold at sporting events in the United States, says the study's lead author, University of São Paulo nutritionist Eduardo Nilson.

See the entire story here.

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