Dad Wants To Punish 7-Year-Old For 'Cheating' On Her 'Boyfriend'

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No one ever wants to be cheated on, but there are occasions where it is pretty much considered okay, like, say, for 7-year-old kids. However, one dad disagrees and wants to punish his daughter for holding hands with a boy who is not her "boyfriend."

The girl's mom wrote on Reddit about what is going on, explaining that her daughter, Layla, has been "dating" a boy named Lucas for a few months. She said, "They are both seven so it's obviously not a real relationship. They just hold hands sometimes and they drew each other hearts for Valentine's Day." The mother went on to say, "This week, Layla was apparently holding hands with another boy - who also sent Layla a Valentine's Day love letter - and Lucas took offense to it. We found out because Lucas' parents called to tell us Lucas won't be coming over to us this Saturday like it was originally planned, because he is mad at Layla."

Well Layla's dad wants to punish the girl and thinks his wife needs to have a talk with her about "faithfulness." The mom stated, "At first I thought he was joking, but no, he was serious. He says that Layla cheated on Lucas, and I, as her mother, should do something about it." She responded by telling her husband that Layla is seven, adding that she is "not a cheater and I won't treat her as such." The angry dad accused the mom of "raising a cheater" and "encouraging the bad behavior."

She asked commenters if she was in the wrong for not punishing her child and the response was overwhelming. Just about everyone told her she made the right call. One person wrote, "A seven-year-old isn't engaging in actually serious relationships, they come and go day by day. Your husband is insane for thinking she should be punished for this. Like actually insane," while another said, "How would she even understand this punishment or talk? She's seven not 17! Your husband is ridiculous to think that a young child will be able to process this information." Someone else exclaimed, "She's seven. It's ridiculous to call her a 'cheater.'"

While no one seemed to feel a punishment was in order, there were some suggestions to speak to Layla about why Lucas' feelings might be hurt and why he might not want to see her. You can read more of the comments on the post on Reddit.

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