Sharon Osbourne Expresses Disapproval For Kanye West Sample

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Sharon Osbourne voiced her displeasure with Kanye West for utilizing a sample from Ozzy Osbourne's "War Pigs."

In a statement to TMZ on February 9, the 71-year-old shared that she and 75-year-old Ozzy have served West with a cease and desist, asserting, "Kanye f*cked with the wrong Jew this time."

Sharon disclosed that West's team had approached them three weeks earlier seeking permission to use the song, but their firm denial was based on Ozzy's disapproval linked to West's history of antisemitic remarks.

Ozzy, in a separate statement, criticized West for incorporating the sample without permission. The rockstar clarified in a post that West had sought approval but was turned down due to being labeled an antisemite. Despite the refusal, West went ahead and used the sample at his album listening party.

West's recent album release event in Chicago faced scrutiny amid backlash for his past comments involving the Jewish community, resulting in his banishment from platforms and loss of sponsorships.

West's apologies on Piers Morgan Uncensored and an interview with Alex Jones fueled controversy.

In December 2023, another rant provoked criticism, with West later apologizing to the Jewish community in Hebrew, expressing regret for any unintended harm and a commitment to self-improvement.

The ongoing controversy surrounding West's statements has intensified criticism regarding his use of the Osbourne song sample.

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