Mornings With Jodi And Bender 2/15/21 RECAP

Post snowstorm President's Day Monday and we are back at it! Today's Dumbest Debate weaved it's way through the show - do you wear shoes in your house? One team member does, one doesn't . Care to wager who is who? Also, Poetry with Bender's Dad, Sandi triumphed AGAIN during Puget Sound Showdown, why Angelina Jolie has sex blood, a new way to help local Moms in need, Walla Walla gets it's crap together, bird chat, Prince Harry (or just Harry now, thank you very much) has dirty toes, Ashley Judd gets a movie starring her as her, Sissy Lombardi needs to give it a rest, and wow - new NIrvana on the way? Likely no. Thanks for listening!