New App Helps Lost Dogs Reunite With Their Families... With Nose Prints!

IAMS has created an app that helps reunite lost dogs and their owners using the dog’s nose print.

The pet brand created its NOSEiD app… and a beta version of which is currently available in Nashville and the surrounding area.

The app works by relying on helpful animal lovers and a pooch's nose print. Like the human fingerprint, each dog's nose print is unique, making it a great way to identify the pet. Dog owners can download the app and create a profile for their pet which includes a scan of their dog's nose. And if the dog goes missing. their owner can report their dog as lost through the app, and NOSEiD will instantly send a missing dog alert to other app users in their community so that they can be on the lookout.

They should have called it BOOP - Read more here