20 Years Without Paying Mortgage, Man Evades Evictions Along the Way!

A man in New York has gone over 20-years without paying mortgage and hasn’t been evicted. 

The man initially "bought" the house for $290,000 in 1998. It now has an estimated worth of almost $400,000.

He secured his original mortgage from the now-defunct Washington Mutual in 1998 and made only a single payment of $1,602. The bank foreclosed two-years later but he filed for the first of his seven bankruptcies in 2001, using them to avoid eviction under federal rules that protect debtors from being kicked out on the streets.

The man sold the property to a real estate company, which has spent nearly $200,000 to continue the fight to evict him and other people who remain living in the home. 

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Eviction notice on door of house