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Random Fun Facts So Interesting You Won’t Believe They're True!

Martin Luther King Jr. got a C in public speaking.

Over a decade before his famous “I Have A Dream” speech, Dr. King earned a C in his public speaking class at Crozer Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania.

Wimbledon tennis balls are kept at 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

It has been tested and proven that the temperature of the ball affects how it bounces. The gas molecules are affected by the temperature, causing the balls to expand or contract.

The wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles was watched by 750 million people worldwide in 1981.

Sadly, Princess Diana’s funeral had over 2.5 billion viewers in 1997.

The Eiffel Tower can grow more than six inches during the summer.

Due to the hot summer sun, the metal expands causing the tower to grow in height.

“Psycho” was the first American movie to feature a toilet flushing.

The film, released in 1960, was also the first film where you can hear a toilet flushing on screen.

Cotton candy was invented by a dentist.

The inventor, William Morrison, surely kept dentists in business with his creation. In 1987, he helped develop the cotton candy machine — and the beloved treat has been a hit ever since.

The Pope can’t be an organ donor.

The Pope’s body belongs to the universal Catholic Church, according to the Vatican. Therefore, when the Pope dies, he must be buried with all organs intact.

“Q” is the only letter in the alphabet that doesn’t appear in the name of a U.S. state.

New Mexico has “X” and Arizona has “Z" but no state contains the letter “Q.”

Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, from Willows, Wisconsin.

The doll was first displayed in New York in a toy store and was born on March 9, 1959.

Three of the Founding Fathers died on the same day — July 4.

The Presidents were John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe.

All Fruit Loops have the same flavor.

The famous cereal is actually the same flavor across all its different colors.

So many more right here!

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