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Post Pandemic - What's Changed? What's Not Going Back to Normal?

People Are Talking About The Parts Of Daily Life That Might Not Go "Back To Normal" Even After The Pandemic Ends

Redditor u/sinosty asked, "What will never be the same again once the pandemic is over?"

Here are some of the responses.

1. "Movie ticket prices. Paying $20 for a movie when even BEFORE the pandemic hit, most movies weren't even worth that money."—u/Randym1982

2. "I think sick days, or WFH if you’re not feeling 100%, will be far more accepted." —u/strippersandcocaine

3. "Grocery shopping IRL."

"I haven’t been inside a grocery store in several months. It’s really nice to be able to pull up at a store and have someone load groceries right into your trunk. Now it’s free in my city, but I would happily pay to use this service." —u/Ok-Statistician-1513

4. "Our healthcare workforce. I'm afraid of a mass exodus of nurses in particular....—u/BookishJuka

5."Sitting in a doctor's office waiting room when you're sick."

"I haven't sat in a waiting room since March. All my appointments have been 'call when you get here, wait in your car, we'll call you when its your turn.' The social introvert in me loves it." —u/sunflakie

6. "Virtual doctor's appointments."

"I have doctors that make me show up for 15 minutes just to get them to sign a new prescription. Having these visits over video has been such a time saver." —u/SirensToGo

7. "Not that I ever did it much previously, but I highly doubt I’ll ever eat at a buffet again."—u/itsastonka

8. "Snow days."

"It won’t be much of a debate anymore. Stay home and Zoom for the day — we will be back in person tomorrow." —u/why_2k

9. "I have plenty of friends I’ve lost all respect for." —u/writerintheory1382

10."Boundaries between work or school and home."

"When many businesses and schools went completely virtual, there was no longer the boundary between work and home or school and home. Breaks and days off are also not as respected." —u/peppapigisthecoolest

11. "The blissful ignorance of sticking my fingers in a random bowling ball, then proceeding to eat food without a care in the world." —u/Corner_beat

12. "I am seriously LOVINGcontactless delivery and curbside pickup." —u/Rhana

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