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What Does Your Sleepwear Say About You?

Psychologists say choice of sleepwear says a lot about an individual's personality.  

The findings suggest naked sleepers are more likely to be at a stage of 'contentment' with their life, while 'ambitious' personalities tend to opt for silky or satin styles. 'Organized' people opt for buttoned pajamas while wearing a gown to bed can indicate that you 'lack confidence in your personal life.'

What does your style say about You?

Flannel/ button pajamas

A flannel, buttoned set of pajamas can indicate that you value your health and hygiene. Many of those who wear buttoned pajamas display strong organization skills, but can also fear having only small levels of control on situations.

Satin/ silk sets

Satin or Silk pajamas can indicate that you are both aspirational and a traditionalist. Those who opt for satin or silky sleepwear are often 'ambitious to achieve more in life and outperform the status quo.’ Some may even place stronger emphasis on their career than their happiness.

Fleece pajamas/ cozy pajamas

Wearing cozy pajamas, or an oversized jumper, especially those that are branded with cartoons or characters from our youth can indicate that you are a person of nostalgia. For many of these people, family comes first with loyalty and integrity both key personality traits. It is often found that people who wear oversized clothing are subconsciously wanting to go back in time; often to a time when they were happier in life or happier in their body.

Negligee/ baby doll

Those who prefer a babydoll set are often focused on 'self-love and self-confidence' and are 'striving' to get recognition for their achievements in life. You are most likely to find solace in being the center of attention. Sexy lingerie have been popularized as glamorous and for those who are admired and adorned. Buying and wearing this type of sleepwear reflects a person's want to be perceived in this way.

Big t-shirt and pants

An oversized t-shirt can indicate that you are a free spirited individual who doesn't lack confidence. Comfortable in your own skin, your goals are to live life on your own terms. Big t-shirts, unlike oversized full-length night tops, is a reflection of your lack of care for the opinions of others.


A dressing gown can indicate that you 'lack confidence in your personal life. Those who wear dressing gowns are 'seeking an envelope of protection away from issues that are worrying them.

Wear socks to bed

Wearing socks to bed or in bed can indicate that an individual is pragmatic and controlled in many aspects of their life. Those who regularly wear socks to bed could be seen to be lacking in empathy and strive for efficient performance in their day-to-day activities, leaving nothing to chance. Wearing socks to bed is an indicator that you value the important things in life and don't pay too much time or attention to the details that don't matter. Saving time in your routine whether it is wearing socks to bed, or brushing your teeth in the shower, is reflective of a personality which values efficiency over many other things.

Nothing – sleep nude

Sleeping completely naked could indicate that you are at a stage of 'contentment' with your life. Many of those who sleep naked are unafraid of judgement, and value their own opinions at a higher regard than others. Many of those who regularly sleep naked may describe themselves as "go-getters" and "glass-half-full' types.

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