Daily Bender Gazette: Worst FAKE Dentist EVER. Steals Money, Pulls 13 Teeth

A Nevada woman is accused of breaking into a dental office, stealing cash from it and pulling more than a dozen teeth from someone despite not having a medical license.

Laurel Eich, who was an employee of the business, admitted to detectives that she did perform a procedure to extract 13 teeth from an unidentified person and used anesthetic disposed of by the dental office. The incident came to light during an investigation into a break-in at the Reno business.  The burglar, who had already fled the building, stole nearly $23,000 in cash and checks.

The illegal tooth extractions happened at a different date before the burglary. The woman was arrested Wednesday and charged with multiple felonies, including performing surgery on another without a license, burglary of a business, grand larceny and violation of probation or condition of a suspended sentence. She was also charged with a misdemeanor count of conspiracy to commit burglary. Read on!

close-up of a dental equipment and dentist treating patient in background

Photo: Getty Images

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