Woman Refuses to Wear Mask, Says its Like Pants Don't Block Smell of Farts

While visiting a Panera Bread in Chico, California, a woman refused to wear a mask, saying her decision to not do so was based on the idea people can still smell farts through their pants, therefore a face covering won't do anything to stop the spread of COVID-19.

In the video posted to Twitter, she can be seen with her back to other customers while filming the staff after they refused to serve her for not wearing a mask. The other customers in line start to criticize her for not wearing a mask.

She refused to turn to face the other customers, while some said, "Why don't you show your face since you're not wearing your mask?" and "Wow, you're sure brave."

An employee at Panera responds saying she has called security. That's when the woman without a mask approached the counter while still filming.

"That's right, they're not going to serve you unless you're wearing a mask!" the person off camera said.

"Just put on a mask, don't be such a moron!" another customer added. Another one said, "You selfish piece of s***."

"Stop it," the woman finally responded, before turning toward the customer criticizing her off camera. She then decided to leave, but took a moment to defend her opposition to masks one last time.

"You think that mask is going to protect you?" she asked. Pointing to the back of her pants, she added, "When you fart out your ass, you can smell it! You think that mask is going to protect you?" She then finally left the restaurant.

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