Marty and Jodi in the Morning

EYE CHALLENGE: Can You See The Hidden Number? SHARE IF You Do
SHARE If You Can See The Hidden Word, Clue: Bless You!
I Bet Most Millennial Don't Know What TheS and P Stand For....
He Took His Young Girlfriend To A Jeweler. What He Did Next. OH DEAR!
Officer Catches Elderly Couple Doing It. But What They Told...
Priest Agreed To Do Favor For A Woman. But When Talked To...
He Brags To His Dad When He Got His Licence. Dad's Response. OH DEAR!
Her Father Denied She Was Pregnant. What His Neighbor Said. OH BOY!!
They Asked Them To Identify His Body. When They Said It Wasn't...
They Mocked Her Because She Helped. But At The End.. OH DEAR!
Waitress Asked Customer About His Companion. His Response. MY GOODNESS!
Teenager Wants The Family Car For Himself. Dad's Response? BRILLIANT!


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